Pro Racer Flat Track School

Pro Racer Flat Track School

Feel Like A Pro Dirt With Brian Bartlow

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The Pro Racer Flat Track School is for the serious rider or racer that really wants a challenge in their life. The Pro Racer Flat Track School is intense training 10 to 12 hours each day as the student will be living at the ranch for 3 days. Not only will there be riding extensive flat track, but there will be a mixture of physical training, martial arts, focus training, hand and eye coordination, race strategies obstacle drills, lecture on the importance of training on a regular basis and eating right.

Each rider will be fed meals and snacks through the day. They will also receive team uniforms and a certificate of completion. This program is to dig deep into what you are made of and to train as an athlete. Most wont challenge themselves at this level but this is what it takes to be on TOP. Elevate your flat rack racing to the next level with or Pro Racer Flat Track School in Northern California.


Cost $1,499

Kids Camp age 7 to 16
Pro Racer Camp age 12 and up

Full gear and dirt bikes are provided as needed. Located in Kelseyville, California the closest airport is Sacramento.


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